How to Easily Clean the Aerogarden



Cleaning the Aerogarden

I transplanted all the herbs out of my Aerogarden and am about to start a new harvest, so I figured I’d walk through how to easily clean the machine so you can plant something new.

You definitely want to sanitize the Aerogarden between rounds of planting, just to make sure you’re not letting any lingering dirt or germs into the new batch of pods.

Luckily, it’s a very simple process!

Here’s step by step instructions for how to clean the Aerogarden Harvest!



How to Clean the Aerogarden

There are 2 methods to clean the Aerogarden.

  1. If you have a dishwasher, you can throw the bowl into the dishwasher.
  2. If you don’t, you can run a vinegar cycle to sanitize the machine.

Below are detailed instructions for both methods. 



I also made a Youtube video showing the process by hand, if you prefer to watch it here.

And I demonstrate how to clean the Harvest model specifically, but this info applies to any of the Aerogarden units.

But first, fully disassemble the machine, taking apart the grow deck and removing the foam sponge.

If your plants are still small, you can transplant them into pots. If the plastic pods aren’t too damaged, try to keep them to re-use for planting your own seeds.



Note: Make sure to keep the sponge!

The little black piece of foam prevents plant roots from clogging the Aerogarden pump and you do need this, so don’t throw this away!

It helps prevent plant roots from growing into the pump (which can clog the machine and cause the whole system to stop working).

If you accidentally got rid of the sponge, you can buy a replacement from Aerogarden here.



Cleaning the Aerogarden by Hand


1. Scrub the basin in the sink and remove any residue from the plant food or leftover roots. 

I find an old toothbrush is really handy for getting in the nooks and crannies!


2. Fill the basin with 5 cups of distilled white vinegar.

You can also use water and 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach instead of distilled white vinegar.


4. Turn the machine on and let the water pump circulate the Aerogarden with vinegar for 5 minutes.

You’ll notice a strong vinegar smell – that’s how you know it’s working!


3. After the pump stops, empty the bowl and refill with clear water.


4. Run the cycle again letting the Aerogarden circulate with just water.


5. Empty and rinse. You’re all set!



Cleaning the Aerogarden in the Dishwasher


1. Place grow deck and the bowl in the dishwasher. 

Don’t worry about the black cord that connects the pump to the base of the bowl – it’s ok for it to get wet! Just let it fully dry before you plug it back into the socket.


Note: the grow deck comes apart

On the bottom side of the grow deck, you’ll find four tabs. Push down on them and you should be able to separate the two pieces of the grow deck. 

Sometimes roots and plant food will get trapped in the middle of the grow deck, so make sure to clean this out too.


2. Run a regular cycle


3. Let fully air dry then reassemble.



Cleaning the Aerogarden is Easy (Video)

If you’d like to see the complete cleaning process from start to finish, then watch this video!

I cover how to sanitize the Aerogarden Harvest model as well as planting a new round of seeds (these heirloom lettuces).




I finished a round of Orange Hat cherry tomatoes and cleaned the machine again, in order to plant new lettuces. Here’s an updated Aerogarden cleaning video:



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