Chijimisai is a hybrid Asian green that’s packed with nutrients. It’s easy to grow, easy to cook and tastes similar to spinach! Here’s everything you need to know about this fun shriveled green.



Chijimisai is a Japanese green from the brassica family.

Chijimisai is actually a cross between Tatsoi (another Asian green) and Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach).

Its name translates to shriveled leafy greens, because this mild mustard green looks a bit like wrinkly spinach! The plant’s dark green leaves have a velvety texture with a light umami flavor.

Chijimisai is great for stir fries, soups and even juicing.

And it’s incredibly nutritious, full of vitamin K, C and A. In fact, chijimisai has about 4x as much vitamin A as carrots do!



How to Grow Chijimisai

Chijimisai is very easy to grow, like most Asian greens

It matures in about 55 days and unlike spinach, the plant has a long harvest window. Chijimisai is much more heat tolerant and pest resistant than other mustard greens. 

Because it doesn’t bolt at the first sign of hot weather, you can continue to harvest chijimisai all year round in most growing zones.

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Chijimisai Grow Guide

Botanical Name Brassica rapa
Common Name Chijimisai
Mature Size inches tall
Days to Harvest 55 days from seed
Light Partial sun, shade
Soil Type Rich, well draining soil
Soil pH Slightly acidic to Neutral (6.0 – 7.5)
Hardiness Zones USA Zones 4-7
Native Area Asia
Pests Slugs, snails, beetles
Diseases Downy mildew



Growing Chijimisai Hydroponically

I’ve been wanting to grow more Asian greens and ordered a bunch of seeds to grow indoors in my hydroponic garden.

Chijimisai was incredibly easy to grow, similar to baby bok choi and tatsoi!

I usually plant 1 seed per pod, so that the chijimisai has enough room to grow outwards like a blooming flower.

It sprouts very quickly.



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How to Harvest Chijimisai

Chijimisai is meant to be harvested one time, once the plant is full grown.


What to Look for When Buying Chijimisai

Look for dark green leaves with firm stems. Avoid any wilted or yellowing leaves.



How to Store Chijimisai

To store chijimisai for as long as possible, wrap the leaves in a damp paper towel and place it in a plastic bag. Store it in the crisper draw of your fridge and it should last for 3 to 5 days.

If you bought a whole head of chijimisai from the grocery store, separate the leaves, wash it well and then again store the leaves in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag in the fridge.



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How to Cook Chijimisai

Chijimisai is a tasty green – it doesn’t have that overly ‘chlorophyll’ taste but a more mild mustardy light flavor. 

The leaves have a nice firm texture, so it’s great to add in soups and stews. Or, simply stir fry it with some salt and pepper, or a soy sauce mixture. 

You can even juice chijimisai!

For more ways on incorporating chijimisai and cooking Japanese dishes, take this Masterclass on Modern Japanese Cooking!



Chijimisai Recipes

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