The Best Aerogarden Deals



Best Aerogarden Deals

Aerogarden is one of those companies that constantly runs sales.

In fact, I don’t ever advocate buying an Aerogarden at full price.

Especially because I have a discount code :) SSG15 gets you 15% off any order of $50 or more. 

And the best part is, you can stack the discount code with any sales the company is offering!



Aerogarden runs sales all year long, so you never have to wait long.

Sometimes it will be a site wide % off sale, sometimes a specific model will be discounted and sometimes it’s a gift with purchase type sale.

In general, Black Friday and the holidays are a great time, but so is January when there’s a surge in indoor gardening and healthy living.

Spring is also a great time because people get excited to go outside and garden.. and late summer and back to school season are good for deals, as companies try to clear out garden inventory.



Aerogarden Discount Code

Use coupon code SSG15 for 15% off any order of $50+



When different products are on sale every other week, its hard to gauge what’s a “normal” sale price for an Aerogarden vs. what’s a great sale price.

So I put together a handy little guide outlining the lowest Aerogarden prices for every garden that they sell. 



Lowest Aerogarden Prices

Model Retail Price Usual Sale Price Steal Price Check Price
Sprout $69.95 $49 – $59 $25 – $30 Aerogarden, Amazon
Harvest 2.0 $89.95     Aerogarden, Amazon
Harvest $89.95 $69 – $79 $50 – $60 Aerogarden, Amazon
Harvest Elite $139.95 $89 – $119 $69 – $79 Aerogarden, Amazon
Harvest XL $159.95 $125 – $139 $105 – $115 Aerogarden, Amazon
Bounty Basic $199.95 $169 – $179 $129 – $149 Aerogarden, Amazon
Bounty $259.95 $199 – $229 $179 – $208 Aerogarden, Amazon
Bounty Elite $299.95 $240 – $260 $200 – $220 Aerogarden, Amazon
Farm 12 $419 $359 $349 Aerogarden
Farm 12 XL $489 $399 – $419 $319 – $349 Aerogarden, Amazon
Farm 24 Basic $519 $449 – $499 $419 – $439 Aerogarden, Amazon
Farm 24 Plus $599 $519 – $560 $479 – $499 Aerogarden, Amazon
Farm 24 XL $669 $539 – $599 $480 – $525 Aerogarden, Amazon



I started with just 1 indoor garden and have over 10 now, so I’ve gotten pretty savvy at grabbing gardens on sale!

The table above is based off of various sales and deals that I’ve seen over the last several years since getting into hydroponics.

The ‘usual sale price’ column is the price I have gotten most of my gardens.

Every now and then there is an amazing sale where you can pick up gardens at super steal prices (third column).

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These deals don’t come around as often so when you do see one, you need to pounce!

I’m still happy to have gotten a Farm 24xl at the insane price of $325 last spring.

If I had room for more floor units, I would have bought more ha.

With the surge in interest in indoor gardening and general inflation post-pandemic, I’m not sure if the steal prices will come around as often anymore, so if you see it happen, don’t wait!!



Best Places to Buy Aerogarden

And finally, always do a price comparison!


Aerogardens are sold at various retailers, so it helps to check around:



I typically buy direct from the company website (with the stacked discount code for extra savings, it ends up being cheapest) or off on Amazon.

I like Amazon for the faster shipping, but sometimes in order to pick a specific seed pod kit, you have to buy direct on

So it helps to compare retailers!

Occasionally, Walmart and Woot (Amazon’s clearance shop) will do mega discount deals as they clear out inventory.

And if you don’t mind secondhand, you can often find good deals on used machines on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Hope that helps!



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